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More than just a powerful Web content management solution, Estrada is also a fully extensible development platform. Client technologists can create new functionalities to meet business needs and to seamlessly integrate legacy systems and existing processes. Additionally, we offer custom development services that will meet your specifications and surpass your expectations.

Estrada makes it possible for clients to easily develop new functions that meet their organization’s specific business needs. A cross-platform solution, Estrada can also be used for corporate infrastructure development and the integration of existing databases and legacy systems.

Estrada Platform Software Developer's Kit (SDK) includes:

Brick SDK: Custom Functionalities

New content elements can be introduced through Estrada’s object-oriented paradigm, using the COM interface, presenting infinite extension possibilities such as integration with legacy systems. Brick development allows development of new functionality that is available all Estrada users.

Estrada’s brick SDK includes sample code for brick in both C++ and Visual Basic. C++ is the preferred language for brick development, but developers can use Visual Basic or any other language that allows the creation of COM objects.

As an application server, Estrada provides scoping, security, and persistence for new content elements. Persistence is supported on the following levels: hit, session, and global. Scoping and security are unlimited-level hierarchical systems.


  1. Bricks make custom functionality available to all users in the Estrada installation in which the new brick is deployed.
  2. Provides more direct access to the Estrada system core, therefore offering developers highly integrated systems operation/functionality. Once introduced, bricks function as an integral part of Estrada system.
  3. Custom bricks run in process, therefore offer an efficient use of resources.

Using Estrada to Develop ASP Applications

Use Estrada’s development platform for ASP applications, including:

Custom Dynamic Template and Formatter SDK

The template and formatter SDK offers developers working on a Windows 2000/NT platform the flexibility to create custom dynamic templates by using any of the following: XML, ASP, Macromedia ColdFusion, PHP, and JSP.

Templates provide their own methods for security, scoping, and persistence.

Additionally, Estrada’s templating allows site developers to manage Federal Section 508 handicapped-accessibility compliance, which requires all federal agencies and companies that do business with them to make their Web sites accessible to disabled people. The advantage of Estrada’s templates is that they institute display logic in advance, rather than merely remediating existing problems. Read more.


  1. Template development provides granular or modular development possibilities so that custom elements can be made available to specific parts of an installation or limited groups of users rather than an entire installation.
  2. No separate development environment is necessary for template development and testing.
  3. Uses standard scripting platforms, therefore, it is as stable as those platforms.


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