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Estrada Technology Component (ETC) Framework

Estrada® Web Technology announced the introduction of Estrada Technology Component (ETC) framework, a new standards-based interface for developing enterprise-strength Web software applications. This move represents the company’s commitment to enhance the product’s extensibility by using established Web standards, such as XML and XML Web Services. At the same time, the ETC framework will extend Estrada's ease of use to developers as well as to content contributors.

A major advantage of the new Components is that they are modular and structurally entirely separate from the Estrada core, making them easily customizable for each client’s needs.

Components also offer a convenient way for clients to develop their own “plug ins” for their Estrada Web sites. Developers can use a variety of languages and platforms to build Components.

“The ETC framework offers immediate advantages to developers,” said Dimitri Glazkov, Estrada’s director of Web technologies. “It brings the rich functionality of the Estrada core engine directly to the fingertips of programmers and provides what we call a ‘full sandbox,’ or safe area that is separate from the core Estrada installation for creating and testing new or customized functionalities. Such a configuration is inherently more secure and fault-tolerant. Even though they are independent, ETCs act as integral parts of Estrada and appear seamless to end users. So, they really offer the best of both worlds.”

Glazkov added that Estrada is already developing ETC applications that clients can add to their Estrada Web sites. The first ETCs will include a Web calendar application and a document management library. The company will also customize Components or develop new ones to meet clients’ specifications. Request information.


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