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New Document Manager Simplifies Web File Management

Estrada® Web Technology today announced that it will offer Estrada Document Manager. Document Manager makes it easy to upload, manage, and strategically and dynamically integrate individual files with Web site content. It’s compatible with all file formats.

Many organizations face the challenge of needing to make information accessible online, yet maintain the same information in independent stand-alone files, in their original file format.

Example: Marketing wishes to post weekly sales trends on its Intranet, but prefers to use Excel to simplify calculations and so that staff members can download individual copies of the spreadsheets.

Estrada Document Manager eliminates the need to maintain redundant information systems by instead using the same data for both Web and other purposes. It also efficiently provides a single point for managing files for re-use across multiple Web platforms, such as Intranets, Internets, and Extranets.

Example: A company may need to keep PDF files of its quarterly financial reports on hand so that they can be easily sent electronically to investors and others, yet it needs to ensure that the most recent report is available on its Internet site. Using the Document Manager to save the quarterly reports ensures that the latest report is not only available for use on- or off-line, but also that Estrada dynamically adds or updates links to the latest report on all related pages in the company’s Internet site.

If the site managers choose, the document can also be automatically posted to the company’s Intranet for employees or Extranets for business-to-business partners to see.


  • Adds, manages, and integrates files, in their original file format, with your Web site’s content
  • Handles any type of file—documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, video, Powerpoint, sound, etc.
  • Upload capability makes it easy to add files from local or network drives
  • System automatically detects the file format and displays an appropriate icon next to the filename
  • Document Library provides flexible interface so that visitors can sort documents by name, date, file type, subject matter, or any other custom categories that your site managers create.
  • Customizable—Add or change any file formats, categories, display logic, etc.


  • Staff can continue to use their familiar tools and software
  • Allows you to provide information in the preferred format to Web visitors or customers
  • Dynamic upload and linking helps ensure the latest information is always available online
  • Speeds time to Web
  • Efficiently consolidates redundant data storage systems
Document Manager is an Estrada Technology Component (ETC), a new Web software framework supported by Estrada Web Technology.

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Estrada Document Manager makes it easy and efficient to integrate all types of files and resources into your Web site.

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