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What Our Clients Are Saying

Extending Functionality Through Estrada

“We’re also looking into using Estrada for connecting with a separate portal capability,” said Saint Leo’s Chief Information Officer Steve Burrell. “Estrada will provide the core for us to create a single sign-on platform that will offer seamless integration with other services, such as the library,  best custom wriring service ,online registration system, email, and other systems that are currently disparate.”

--Steve Burrell, Chief Information Officer, Saint Leo University

Estrada Strengthens Branding and Corporate Identity

Chuck Brown"One of the critical elements in any Web site is the ability to update the site, yet maintain the design parameters originally intended. Estrada appears to address this need perfectly."

--Chuck Brown, PhD, Director of Marketing, Rock Valley Community College

Return on Investment

"In these economic times, Estrada provides the best way to cost-effectively manage the Web and increase our sites’ usability while decreasing the need to hire more Web support staff."

--Mandy Kolesik, Assistant to the President for Marketing and Planning, Graceland University

“I would suggest to anybody to take advantage of Estrada Professional Service. It was money well spent.”

--Eddy Stephens, Chief Information Officer, Mobile Infirmary Health System

“I know from colleagues that many other Web management systems can be so complex that it takes a long time to implement them and see any Return on Investment, but we anticipate getting much more immediate results using Estrada,” said Burrell. “Because Estrada is so simple, yet so powerful, it’s a very good fit for higher education. It doesn’t require a lot of expensive hardware, but it offers a good feature set and provides all of the building blocks needed for us to develop or customize whatever else we might need. Plus, it’s affordable.”

--Steve Burrell, Chief Information Officer, Saint Leo University

Revolutionizing Web Management

"We needed a technology solution that would allow individual departments to publish their own content, provide improved site management and present a consistent university identity. Estrada is this technology solution.”

--J. Jeffrey Sernell, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Chuck Steenburgh"We're looking to improve the appearance and functionality of our Web site, while at the same time providing more informative and dynamic content. Estrada will allow us to leverage our Web development resources in order to accomplish our ambitious strategic marketing goals."

--Chuck Steenburgh, Director of Public Relations, Virginia Military Institute

“With our previous Web consultant, it often took so long to make changes to the site that events were over before we could get them on the web. Now, we can get right into the site and make changes or build whole new areas all by ourselves. It was very easy to learn, and we really enjoy the hands-on control that Estrada gives us over our Web site.”

--Joan Paine, Director of Marketing, Mobile Infirmary Health System

Our Service

"Estrada's Professional Services team is exceptionally knowledgeable and was very cooperative in helping us to customize Estrada to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs standards. It's a pleasure to work with this company."

--Mark Manzer, Chief Web Technologist, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center

“With most other vendors, you pay extra for support and have to go off-site for training. Estrada will come to us, and they tailor their training and support to meet our individual needs.”

--Jason Larimore, Manager of Web Development, Chatham College


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