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Timing is Everything

They don’t call it “news” for nothing! It can be crucial to publish news releases in a timely manner—or, in the case of embargoed items, not to make them public until the appointed time. Here are some ideas for using your web site to help you publish your news releases right on time.

Brick Scheduling

For Estrada 3.0 and later users, the brick scheduling feature takes care of publishing and hiding news releases at pre-specified times so that you don’t have to post and remove time-sensitive press releases (or other content) manually.

To use brick scheduling, go to the author side of the Web page where you wish to publish your press release, and insert a page or text brick for the press release. Click on the advanced tag on the top of insert or edit dialog box.

Advanced Attributes

Each brick that supports the advanced attributes has an advanced tab. Clicking on this tab gives you access to the active content management (ACM) attributes. ACM provides a way to exercise more control over the behavior of the brick. The more simple attributes involve setting the font and weight characteristics for the text of the brick. You can also set scheduling attributes that govern when the brick is available for viewing on the user side.

Scheduling a brick

Use the active from and active until settings to schedule a period of time during which the brick is active (viewable on the user side of your Estrada web site).

  • The active from setting is the start date and time that the brick containing your press release will be viewable.
  • The active until setting is the date and time that the brick containing your press release will become inactive (not viewable on the user side).
  • If you wish to receive a reminder prior to the brick containing your release, the remind setting is the number of days prior to the brick’s inactive date when you will receive an email reminder.
  • The send notification to setting allows you to either turn notification off or to send the reminder to yourself or to all administrators for the site.

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