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For each press release, create a separate brick, and set the brick scheduling attributes. When a brick is scheduled, a scheduled tag will appear in the brick status bar, the shaded area below a brick. Once the brick becomes active, the scheduled tag will disappear. If the brick is scheduled to expire, an expired tag will appear in the brick status bar after the brick expires, and it will no longer display on the user side of the site.

Manual Scheduling of News Releases

If you are using an earlier version of Estrada or some other web publishing tool, here are some suggestions for managing your online news releases more effectively.
  • Create a calendar of when you plan to post, move, and/or remove each press release. Obviously, this is difficult to do with breaking news, but it can work for annual events or other items that you can plan in advance.
  • If you use a calendar software, use it to manage your press release schedule. Set up reminders that prompt you to post of remove releases. (If you are often out of your office, some calendar programs can be set up to send the reminders to your pager, or explore online services such as www.whizdiary.com or www.rememberit.com.)

Using the Media Brick to Display Sets of Press Release Document Files

If you would prefer to maintain a collection of press releases and have a list of links to all those documents displayed and automatically updated from a web page, the media brick may be your solution. With the media brick, you can simply save all of your press release files in a folder, and Estrada will generate a list of links to those files that is dynamically updated as you add to or remove files from the folder.

Because the media brick allows you to directly publish the original document files of your press releases, there is no need to cut and paste the text from a release into bricks on an Estrada page. Also, the advantage of the media brick is that you can edit the original file of a release, save the file in your media folder, and the changes will immediately be reflected as soon as a web visitor clicks the link to that resaved document file. To remove a particular press release from being displayed, simply remove it from the media folder. You can configure the list to be sorted either by date or by alphabetic order. The media brick works with any type of file, including Word documents, jpeg images, mpeg files, and standard HTML pages.

For complete instructions on setting up and using a media brick, consult the Estrada Author Manual for your Estrada installation version:

Estrada Manuals
Printable copies of Estrada user and technical manuals in PDF format.

Note: While it is not possible to use brick scheduling to schedule an individual link within a media brick-generated list of links to external resources, you can apply brick scheduling to a media brick as a whole. In other words, you can schedule an entire list that is generated by a media brick to expire and not be visible from the user side, but it’s not possible to schedule a single link to an individual file.

Creating a News Archive
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