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Business and Content Courses

These courses enable business and content managers and site contributors to use Estrada and its components to streamline business processes and to contribute and manage content. Courses include:

Contributing Content: Authoring & Maintaining Web Information
For content contributors, this course introduces Estrada’s content development and management tools, including the built-in HTML Editor and how to integrate content from a variety of others formats and sources, as well as images. Students will also learn to use Active Content Management features.

Content in the Workflow Environment
This course builds upon the Contributing Content course and is designed for content contributors who will be working on Estrada sites that employ Workflows. Student will learn how to successfully create and update information within a workflow, submit it for approval, accomplish revisions, and use the My Work area.

Using & Managing Workflows to Streamline Business Processes
This course is for employees who will be managing workflows and/or serving as content reviewers. Students will learn how to review and approve content submitted through a workflow, set up custom workflows, use default workflows, and manage multiple workflows. Topics covered will include planning and building workflows, and using Estrada’s workflow reporting and management components.

Site Management Reporting
Students learn how to use Estrada’s out-of-the-box reporting functionality to track and manage content activity on the site, site structure, and workflows. Discussions will include technical considerations for analyzing the data to meet business objectives.

Content/Site Administration
For people who will be managing Estrada sites as administrators, this course will explain how to manage access permissions, site properties, and templates.

Site Architecture: Building a Solid Foundation for Your Site
Students will learn to assess their content goals, develop a site structure that effectively places content so that it can be managed through distributed authoring, establish and manage the hierarchal permissions structure, and ensure that the site structure integrates effectively with other aspects of Estrada, such as templates and Taxonomy.

Image Library Management
Design staff will gain an overview of how Estrada handles graphics and learn how to manage the image library.

Students will learn to create, organize, and manage category sets for their site’s Estrada Taxonomy system.

Custom Training
Estrada education specialists will work with you to create training programs that meet your specific goals and business processes, and provide your employees with the most relevant skills for your environment. We can also develop customized documentation that addresses your project’s unique aspects.


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