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Estrada Unveils New Site Design


This hot new design is the work of the creative minds behind the award-winning Estrada Professional Services team.

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Welcome to the redesigned Estrada Web Technology Web site located at http://estrada-onstage.com! Our Web Technologies Group worked hard to develop and deploy the new, improved version of our site. This new site features a clean, fresh look and feel, better navigation, and improved information architecture.

It also utilizes full power of Estrada 3.1 enterprise Web management solution to deliver latest news and more useful and relevant content about our products.

The new site highlights our company's focus to be more attentive and caring to the needs of our prospective and current customers, to provide the best service possible, and to bring the meaning of customer satisfaction to a new level.

The most attention-grabbing feature is that you can choose your own color palette in which to view the site. On the home page, simply click any of the five multi-colored buttons near the bottom. This is just one example of the wide range of customization available through the new Pandora external templates in Estrada.

This is just the beginning.

Visit estrada-onstage.com often to see the new features and information that is added regularly. Additionally, please feel free to send us your feedback about the new site as well as additions that you'd like to see.


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On various pages (such as this one), you will also see two different types of dynamic floating sidebars. These sidebars can be created on the fly by authors. Again this feature takes advantage of Pandora templates.

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