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10 Great Uses for the Media Brick

Ten tips for using the Estrada media brick feature to efficiently organize and display images, sound, video, document, and other media files on your Web site

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What is the Media Brick?

The Estrada media brick provides access to files using a list format. Estrada displays links to all items in a specified folder, allowing you to continuously add, remove, or change items in the folder while dynamically updating the list of links to those items. The media brick can be used to access almost any media file type, such as documents, images, music, and video.

10 Suggestions For Using For the Estrada Media Brick To Enhance Your Web Site:

  1. Make an online photo gallery of your products, office locations, or employees.
  2. Make your official logo, stationery template, font samples, etc. available to employees through your Intranet site or a password-protected directory.
  3. Post a collection of electronic music
  4. Create a directory of video files.
  5. Organize and publish your press releases or other news announcements.
  6. Offer freebies to your Web visitors such as stationery samples or cards to print out. Save the files as pdfs to retain formatting and so that anyone with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader can access the freebies. (Remember to include a link to www.adobe.com so visitors who dont already have Reader can download it.)
  7. Create an archive of minutes from meetings.
  8. Have each employee create and maintain his or her own employee directory page using .doc or other file types that everyone within your company can open easily. Use the media brick to organize and display the whole directory.
  9. Post spreadsheets of monthly sales or other financial data on your Intranet so that employees can access it regularly.
  10. Make sure that your employees always have access to up-to-date policy information using an online policy manual. Save a copy the latest versions of each policy in a folder. Whenever a policy is updated, simply replace the original file with the newer one.

Note: The media brick allows you to display the list of links to your resource collection either by file name or date, depending on which order list filter string that you choose. You can also display the same media collection both ways. Simply use two media bricks pointing to the same source folder, one set to display the list according to date and the other by file name. For example, it would be useful to reporters to be able to look up news releases by name or by date.


The folder that holds the files that you wish to display using the media brick must be accessible by IIS. Consult your Estrada system administrator to ensure that your media folders are correctly configured to work with IIS.

Be careful when choosing a file format for your media resources to be used by general Web visitors. Text saved as Microsoft Word documents, for example, may not able to be opened or viewed as properly formatted by visitors who don’t have Word installed on their PCs. (Rich text format, or .rtf, is often a better choice because it can be opened by many word processing programs. If formatting is not important, consider saving as text only.) Similarly, some people may lack the software to open .tif image files, but most can view images saved as .jpg or .gif.


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