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The key to choosing the right Web tools is to seek out a content management system and development resources that is specifically designed for managing multiple contributors and enterprise-wide Web sites such as Estrada Web Technology. It is crucial that the authoring and management application that you choose be simple enough for non-technical contributors to learn and use. Estrada author-level classes, for example, usually take only an hour or so.

Even if you are a whiz at mastering new applications, be sure to select a system that you can explain or troubleshoot in an email or phone conversation so that user support does not tie up all of your time. It is also helpful to find a tool such as Estrada that uses templates to lay out and code major graphic and basic navigation elements for your pages. This will help ensure consistency in the look and feel of your enterprise’s Web pages, save your contributors time that they would otherwise spend trying to master additional graphics and HTML authoring programs, and minimize the time that you would otherwise spending cleaning up pages that don’t meet your enterprise’s design guidelines.

Look for a simple user interface that allows your contributors to enter new content and make updates efficiently without affecting the templates and other elements that you wish to remain consistent throughout your site. If you will designate contributors to add images to your site, again choose interfaces that contain the features that you need without being overly complex.

For a detailed discussion about choosing a Web development and content management system, please see:

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