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Q. I slouched off for a few months and did not keep my Estrada Authors and Administrators List up to date. Now I forget who is the administrator and which other people have author-level access to a particular site. What do I do?

A. Never fear.

  1. Simply go to the author side of the Estrada site where you wish to find out the administrator or author and click the edit button located to the left of the site brick (or, if you are on the author side of the site brick itself, you can use the edit link located to the right of the site’s name).
  2. The edit page dialog box will open.
  3. Under the general tab, click the permissions link.
  4. The site access list dialog box will open, showing you a list of individuals who have access to this site.
  5. If people listed have author-level access, the word “Author” will appear after their names. If they have administrator-level access, “Admin” will follow their names.

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