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Features and Benefits of Estrada Content Management

Most Web site content is generated in-house, whether it’s specifically written for the Web or information that is re-used from other sources. It simply makes sense to empower the information owners to be able to publish and maintain their Web content directly, adding value to your Web site.

Estrada eliminates the inefficient process of relying on designers or HTML coders to lay out every single page before a site can be published or needing to send requests to webmasters to update pages. Instead, Estrada’s efficient Web development paradigm eliminates production bottlenecks—allowing for faster deployment and updates.

Lower Development and Maintenance Costs
Estrada saves you money by not having to add new information technology staff to your payroll and by helping to keep your Web sites up to date. Anyone who can use a word processor can use Estrada, allowing your existing staff to create and update Web content with minimum training.

Reuse Valuable Information
Efficiently reuse information from other sources. Because Estrada simplifies the process of publishing information online, you can deliver more valuable information to a wider audience than ever before. Estrada’s database core solves the logistical nightmare of trying to maintain and coordinate information on many Web sites or pages by synchronizing reused content items. This means that information that is used in multiple places can be efficiently maintained from one central point.

Centralized Control; Distributed Authorship.
Estrada uses hierarchical access privileges to grant contributors access only to designated areas of the Web site. This prevents contributors from changing information in other areas.

Take Control of Your Sites' Graphic Identity
Estrada helps you enforce design consistency throughout your site, for example, preventing site contributors from changing your logo or introducing unapproved images or fonts.

Templates provide an easy and painless way to update the layout and navigation for your sites. Plus, the same content can be displayed in various templates—very useful for organizations that maintain several Web sites or use multiple marketing campaigns.

Workflows = Quality Control
Powerful workflow tools allow you to design and deploy sophisticated content production and review paths. Workflows are fully customizable to meet specific business needs and maximize productivity.

Taxonomy (Content Classification)
Automatically generates connections among related information items throughout your site and ensures that new content is linked to relevant pages as soon as it is added.

Update Your Site from Anywhere
Estrada makes it easy for designated individuals in any location to contribute to your Web site. There is no software or client to install on individual’s PCs because Estrada is completely server-based.

Completely Scalable
Estrada is specifically designed to manage enterprise-scale Web sites, particularly those that comprise multiple sub-sites and/or many content contributors. There is no limit to the number of authors, administrators, sites, pages, and other elements that can be incorporated into an Estrada installation.

More than just an application, Estrada is also a development platform. Whatever your needs, new functionalities can be added—created either by Estrada developers or by your own programming staff.

Banish Broken Links
Estrada helps prevent the dreaded “404 Error – Page not Found.” A Linker Checker is also available to ferret out bad links.

WYSIWYG Preview and Tools
Estrada provides several ways for contributors to see how their work will look to Web visitors. Estrada also includes familiar tools for formatting text, adding tables, and more.

Content Syndication
Easily incorporate external or syndicated content, such as news or data feeds.

Ultra Rapid Deployment
Speed your time to Web and see an early Return on Investment. Estrada’s implementation record—consistently 60-90 days—is the fastest in the industry


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