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University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Selects Estrada

May 14, 2004

Birmingham, AL - The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ), a four-year, degree-granting college of the University of Pittsburgh, has selected Estrada® Foundations along with the Estrada Academic Extension Suite to redesign and manage its Internet and Intranet web sites. Estrada, meaning ‘On Stage for All the World to See’, is fast becoming the enterprise Web and intranet management solution of choice for higher education institution Web sites around the country.

Estrada will enable UPJ to go beyond simply presenting content to the web site visitor. Instead, UPJ will be able to personalize content to the visitor, topic, location within the web site and many other personalization factors. Estrada will also allow for complete brand control and ongoing brand evolution management. UPJ will also be able to add interactivity to its Web site utilizing the new Academic Extension Suite (AES). AES enables UPJ to take advantage of enterprise wide functionality such as calendars, document management, news and announcements, forums, and more. AES is cutting edge technology and is built on the .net platform.

“Over the last ten years, our web site has become an increasingly important communications tool. Prospective students, current students, their parents, our faculty, staff and alumni – all expect to find content that is accurate and current.” said J. Jeffrey Sernell, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology. “To keep pace with these expectations, we needed a technology solution that would allow individual departments to publish their own content, provide improved site management and present a consistent university identity. Estrada is this technology solution.”

What sets Estrada apart from other Web development and content management tools is its ease of use and strong development environment. Non-technical users can begin authoring after a short one and a half hour training session and technical staff can easily extend functionality.

“Faculty and staff in individual departments already create valuable content. Estrada enables them to easily publish this content to the web. Estrada’s intuitive interface allows these content authors to worry less about the technology and focus more on the content, “ added Sernell. “Content is published to the web site in a timely fashion, consolidated and organized to make it easy to locate. The result is an enhanced browsing experience for our web site visitors.”

As a fully scaleable technology, there is no additional cost or limit to the number of users or Web sites that can be created and managed. Estrada will empower University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown to maintain fresh content, control brand, and deliver personalized information.

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Web project is part of an integrated marketing package from Stamats Communications. Stamats has over 40 years in higher education marketing, providing Web design, print production, and branding services.

About the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Founded in 1927, the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is a four-year, degree-granting college of the University of Pittsburgh. The university offers more than 40 majors and is known for its engineering technology, education, humanities and natural and social sciences degree programs. UPJ has been ranked “Third in the North” among public comprehensive colleges and universities, northern region, by U.S. News and World Report, America’s Best Colleges, 2004.

About Estrada Web Technology

Estrada Web Technology, a division of Gandalf Development, Inc., is a technology firm with expertise in higher education web development and enterprise content management solutions for managing internets, intranets, and extranets. Estrada’s products and services help clients perfect the web environment across the entire institutional enterprise.


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