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Estrada Available through Veterans Affairs PCHS Contract

October 15, 2001—Estrada Web Technology, a division of Gandalf Development, Inc., now offers its Estrada Web content management and development technology to Federal agencies without the lengthy procurement process usually required for major purchases, via Micron Government Computer Systems, LCC's pre-competed Federal contract. MicronPC and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) agreed to add Estrada software to the Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software (PCHS) Contract No. V101(93)P-1600.

508 Handicapped Accessibility Simplified

Estrada Web Technology offers a solution for efficiently managing Section 508 handicapped accessibility compliance for Web sites. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments requires all federal agencies to make their Web sites handicapped accessible by June 21, 2001.

Estrada is a preventative compliance measure, rather than a postmortem patch. Other 508 fixes on the market can only be used after a Web site has been created. By contrast, Estrada users set up templates and style parameters that meet all 508 specifications before they begin building the site.

Estrada uses the template and style parameters to control in advance how information is presented throughout a Web site—minimizing the need to patch or recode faulty Web pages later. Workflows and site review protocols help with ongoing accessibility management. If federal regulations or clients’ needs change, Estrada also makes it easy to update or redesign Web sites later.

“It’s a major challenge for federal agencies to achieve 508 compliance rapidly, and we’re pleased that this agreement with Micron will help deliver efficient, cost-effective tools for agencies striving to offer universal access to government information,” said Shannon Lavett, Director of Marketing for Estrada Web Technology. “The real winners will be individuals with disabilities as future mandates from state and local governments and other regulatory agencies will help make the Internet accessible to everyone.”

About Estrada Web Technology

Estrada’s content management system is big enough for all branches of the government. A scaleable technology, Estrada was specifically created to build and manage medium to large Web sites. Estrada’s sophisticated Web content management system includes:
  • database core that allows re-use of information and headache-free content updating
  • templating
  • formatting tools
  • features for managing and integrating external document or media resources and external web sites
  • workflow protocols that prevent production bottlenecks
  • secure hierarchical permissions structure
  • stringent content review and staged publishing

For technical users, Estrada offers a non-proprietary development platform for building their own new functionalities, developing corporate infrastructure, or integrating existing databases and legacy systems.

For more information, visit Estrada Web Technologies online at estrada-onstage.com and estrada-onstage.com/508.

About Micron Government Computer Systems, LLC

Micron Government Computer Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of MicronPC, LLC, is a government-focused computing solutions company committed to serving the evolving needs of today's government IT organizations, including federal, state and local agencies and educational organizations. For more information, see www.micronpc.com/gov.


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