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New! - Estrada Extension Suite

Content Management for Academia and Healthcare


  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Workflows Enhance Productivity
  • Taxonomy: Automated Content Classification
  • Document Manager
  • Site Management Reporting
  • Web Calendar
  • Content Syndication
  • Manage and Integrate External Documents and Media Resources
  • Re-Use of Information
  • Headache-Free Content Updates
  • Prevent Production Bottlenecks
  • HTML Editing
  • Content Scheduling
  • Content Notes
  • Image Library
  • Extensibility
  • Platform SDK
  • Estrada Technology Component (ETC)framework
  • Template Development Kit
  • Universal Accessibility
  • Completely Scalable
  • Completely Server-Based
  • Secure Hierarchical Permissions Structure
  • Ultra Rapid Deployment

Estrada Extension Suite

Estrada Extensions are Web-based applications that are designed specifically to meet the needs of universities, academic and healthcare organizations. Every application is built on top of the Estrada content management system and provides complete service integration with Estrada as well as with your other data applications.

  • Portal - Includes Personalization, Customization, and Localization
  • Calendar Event Manager - Includes school, organization, work groups, topical and personal calendars
  • Online Directory Services, including: People (phone numbers, emails, address information), Places (directions, maps, address and contact information), Rooms and office resources, Equipment and inventory, Any other resource can be categorized and presented in a directory format.
  • News and Announcements Manager - Feeds for entire site or work groups
  • Discussion Groups and Forum-Online collaboration within work groups, organizations, classes, etc.
  • Document Manager - Provides a platform for exchanging documents in any format
  • Forum - Create and manage unlimited number and different types of forums across the enterprise
  • Online Form Manager - Easily connect online forms to existing databases to capture and update information. Excellent for online applications, request forms, etc.

Professional Services

Our award-winning Professional Services division offers a full line of site planning, development, and consulting services including:

  • Information architecture
  • Internet marketing
  • Visual design
  • Content writing and editing
  • Training
  • User and technical support
  • Secure managed hosting through Estrada partner, Rackspace
  • Statistical monitoring and reporting

Support Services

Our award-winning support services division offer a multitude of support service options ranging from standard maintenance support to 24x7, 365 hosted, first tier help desk services and server management.

For purchasing or other information, please contact us.


Professional Services

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