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Estrada Introduces Development Kit for ColdFusion

November 1, 2002

Estrada Web Technology, a leading maker of Web content management and development applications, announces the introduction of the Estrada Development Kit for ColdFusion. This kit provides Estrada customers with more numerous, convenient options for developing Rich Internet Applications that integrate with databases, XML, Web services, Macromedia Flash, and more.

ColdFusion is one of the most popular Web development technologies for building, deploying and maintaining dynamically published Web pages that incorporate live data.

The Estrada Development Kit for ColdFusion includes an extensive library of ColdFusion Custom Tags designed for Estrada. Additionally, Estrada offers developers the ability to create their own Custom Tags in order to harness and even extend Estrada’s power.

“This support enhancement offers unprecedented ease of use for Estrada developers,” said Dimitri Glazkov, director if Web technologies. "We’re already seeing that our improved ColdFusion support accelerates Estrada development projects. Rock Valley College recently implemented a new Estrada site in two weeks, using the Estrada Development Kit for ColdFusion."

In addition to ColdFusion, Estrada offers developers working on a Windows 2000/NT platform the flexibility to create custom dynamic Web templates using scripting languages including: XML, ASP, PHP, and JSP.

Also, developers can introduce new content elements using Estrada’s Software Development Kit and C++, Visual Basic or any other language that allows the creation of COM objects. As a result, Estrada offers infinite extension possibilities.

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