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Estrada to Offer Online Calendar

October 17, 2002

Estrada® Web Technology today announced that it will offer Estrada Calendar, a new Web calendar application. Estrada Calendar allows users of all skill levels to easily create and flexibly manage online calendars. You're free to start the cooperation with the sociology essay writing service at https://essaysworld.net/custom-sociology-essay-writing-service if you want your assignments to be done in time.

Adding, editing and removing events is easy, using the same user-friendly interface for which Estrada is known. Calendar managers can add, change and remove events on the fly, include event details, and associate links, images, audio, video and many other resources with individual events.

Estrada’s database core allows calendar information to be re-used, minimizing maintenance effort. Information re-use extends beyond the calendar. Calendar content and content from any other part of an Estrada Web site can be shared, integrated, and jointly managed—an advantage over standalone online calendar applications.

Calendar managers can securely access and make updates to their Estrada Calendars from Windows, Apple or Linux operating systems and handheld computing devices—anywhere with an Internet connection. This server-based and cross-platform technology is ideal for organizations with staff in multiple locations who need to share calendar access.

Calendar items are displayed online using a calendar template that can be customized to integrate seamlessly with the organization’s overall Web design, reflecting its marketing and brand strategy, and using consistent navigation and other design elements. Because Estrada completely separates design from content, it is simple to change the Calendar’s look and feel. Estrada Calendars can even be personalized to display the same calendar using different templates for different audiences, or to modify the calendar’s information for selected audiences.

Estrada Calendar templates can be programmed with logic to automatically sort and display information for maximum efficiency and usability for site visitors. The template typically offers functionality such as limiting the length of individual event names on the month view so that the calendar remains compact enough to show whole months at a time; however, the full name of an event pops up when a visitor moves his or her mouse an abbreviated event name. The template highlights the current date and uses shading or other visual element so that visitors see at a glance on which days events are scheduled. Template logic can be modified to provide custom functionality as well.

Estrada Calendar is an Estrada Technology Component (ETC), a new type of Web software supported by Estrada Web Technology’s content management and site development solution.

Sample calendar day view page
Estrada calendar templates are completely customizable to integrate with an organization’s marketing and brand strategy.


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