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Graceland University Selects Estrada Web Technology

Birmingham, AL (July 1, 2002) - Estrada® Web Technology, a division of Gandalf Development, Inc., announced today that Graceland University has selected Estrada to redesign and manage its Internet site. Estrada is a complete Web content management environment and development platform that is fast becoming the technology of choice for corporate, government and higher education Web sites around the country.

Estrada will enable Graceland to add interactivity to its Web site, provide an easier and more efficient way to build and update Web content, and to distribute Web authoring throughout the university while maintaining central control and security.

“The Web is increasingly the communication tool of choice for our students, who want to be able to do everything from registering for classes to seeing what’s going on around campus without ever leaving their dorm rooms,” said Assistant to the President for Marketing and Planning Mandy Kolesik.

Estrada also enables a university or corporation to protect its branding and marketing throughout its entire site, while still freeing any number of designated users of all skill levels to create and update Web information. What sets Estrada apart from other Web development and content management tools is its ease of use. Non-technical users can begin authoring after a short two-hour training session.

“Estrada is the only way to allow our faculty to have the autonomy that they deserve and also to protect Graceland’s institutional identity and consistency of information,” said Kolesik. “Estrada achieves the fine balance between institutional authority and academic freedom. Plus it allows each university to decide for itself what level of oversight to exercise over individual areas on our Web site.”

"In these economic times, Estrada provides the best way to cost-effectively manage the Web and increase our sites’ usability while decreasing the need to hire more Web support staff,” Kolesik added.

Estrada allows clients to work more productively and efficiently- enhancing Return on Investment and reducing costs significantly. Estrada’s Workflow feature lets clients thoroughly track and review changes to Web pages before they are published. Additionally, Workflow boosts productivity by managing Web production tasks and customizing Web production to integrate seamlessly with users’ existing business processes.

Estrada provides the stringent security and central control required to handle a large enterprise Web site. As a fully scaleable technology, there is no limit to the number of users or Web sites that Graceland can create and manage.

As a cross-platform and server-based technology, Estrada allows user access from Windows, Apple or Linux operating systems, or handheld computing devices-anywhere with an Internet connection. While Estrada is ready to use “out of the box,” this total Internet solution also makes it easy for clients to create custom functionalities and integrate existing computing systems using Estrada’s flexible development platform and development kits.

The Graceland Web project is part of an integrated marketing package from Stamats Communications, an Estrada partner. Stamats has over 40 years in higher education marketing, providing Web design, print production, and branding services to over 200 active university clients.

About Graceland University

The Graceland University Center for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning conducts business under the names SkillPath and CompuMaster. Graceland also includes the Center for the Study of the Korean War, an international health center, and the world’s largest outreach nursing program. The university operates two campuses in Lamoni, Iowa and Independence, Missouri, and five satellite locations.

About Estrada Web Technology

Estrada Web Technology, a division of Gandalf Development, Inc., is a technology firm with expertise in Internet development, enterprise management consulting and contract services. The firm’s large national client base includes Fortune 500 corporations, federal and state government and other leading companies and non-profit organizations. Company and product information is available on the Web at estrada-onstage.com, by calling 205.824.0056 ext. 226, or emailing .


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"In these economic times, Estrada provides the best way to cost-effectively manage the Web and increase our sites’ usability while decreasing the need to hire more Web support staff."

--Mandy Kolesik, Graceland University

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