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Powerful, Intuitive Content Management Capabilities

Taxonomy (Content Classification)

Automatically generate connections among related information throughout your site. For example, if visitors are reading a press release about your latest product, taxonomy ensures that they will also see information about other offers from that same product line, reviews of the product from other sources, articles from your publications that address this subject or industry, and any other related information. Automatic updates ensure that new content covering similar subject matter is displayed immediately and outdated content is removed--without the danger of broken links.

Active Content Management

Schedule content items so that they expire (stop displaying) after a certain date and set of reminders for content review/expiration.

Content Syndication

Seamlessly integrate content from other sources directly into your site so that visitors experience continuity.

Also, re-use your own content in any number of different templates or contexts--great for maintaining multiple sites within your company or organization.

HTML Editor

Estrada authors can automatically format text (bold, italicize, underline), created bulleted lists, change font colors, insert hyperlinks, and add tables without needing to insert HTML codes. Convenient HTML Editor Tools make sprucing up your site content a breeze!

Integrate and Manage External Media Resources and Documents

Estrada can maintain dynamically updated links to documents, images, sound files, video, and many other types of files that have been stored in a folder that has been set up to be accessible using Internet Information Server (IIS). As authors add, remove, or modify files in the folder, the list of links that Estrada generates automatically update so that links to the latest saved copies of files in the media folder are always accessible.

Image library

The integrated media/image library helps avoid the chaos of graphical content management by providing a way to associate textual information with relevant multimedia content. Depending on the configuration, administrators can either create one centralized image library for all authors, or separate private image libraries for each author, or both.


Templating simplfies design, creates consistent navigation, and promotes banding and identity throughout your site or sites.

Unlimited Undo Functionality

For most types of bricks, Estrada records changes made to a brick so that authors or administrators can review and restore previous versions of the brick.

Full-text search

Estrada offers the option of a full-text search of an entire Estrada installation in addition to a search of page and link titles only .

Email Feedback

Authors can choose either using the Email feedback brick or the Email to brick, which allows visitors to send feedback using their default email client.

HTML Gateway

The HTML gateway allows other Web pages to be presented in the content area of an Estrada page, framed by your Estrada site’s template.

Content Notes

As authors and administrators work on a site, they can add notes to brick (visible only on the author side), including any information that may be helpful to other site contributors.

Database Core

Re-use of information and headache-free content updating

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