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Estrada 3.5 Streamlines Business Processes

Fast Track your Return on Investment with Workflows and Site Management Reporting. All-new Estrada 3.5 is the most productive dynamic Content Management System yet.


Estrada introduces Workflows to enhance your Web content team’s productivity. Individuals review content changes, determining if the content is ready to move from one step in the process to the next. After all reviews have been completed, a designated publisher releases the changes to the live site.

How Does It Work?

Don’t let some other content management system’s inflexible workflows limit what you can do or force you to adapt to their way of doing things. With Estrada Workflows, you’re in control.

  • Add an unlimited number of review levels and reviewers to each workflow. You can assign any number of people to review changes to your site before publishing them.
  • Create as many different workflow processes as you need. Set up a system that’s simple or multi-faceted. For example, create a workflow for each section of your Web site, a workflow for each department or project team, multiple workflows for each team within a site . . .
  • Expand and fine-tune easily using Estrada’s straightforward Workflow interface.
  • Complete auditing system tracks all comments and changes as well as changes to the workflow itself. · Notification system can inform all or selected individuals about the work’s progression.
  • Time tracking enables you to designate how long a project should take, track when actions occur along the way, speed up or skip review levels, detect and correct any sticking points, and evaluate operation efficiencies.
  • Straightforward, intuitive set-up, design, and operation make Estrada workflows the most usable on the market.


A workflow could be created so that, before a list of monthly sales items can be published on a company’s Web site, it must be created by a marketing assistant; reviewed by the promotions director, marketing director, director of inventory, and online copy editor; and finally published by the Web site editor.

Each reviewer and publisher receives clear notification when items are ready for him or her to review, details about changes that have been made, and options to approve, reject, or reject with comments.

Site Management Reporting

Estrada makes Web content management easier with reports that put a wealth of information at your fingertips. Being able to capture and measure data about activity on your site helps ensure that you are extracting the most value from your electronic assets.

How Does It Work?

Get the information that you need when you need it—no need to wait on a Web technologist to collect and crunch the data for you.

Choose between standard reports, covering commonly requested information, or generate your own custom reports by selecting the specific data that you need. Management Reports are easy to use even for non-technical Web managers. With ad hoc reporting, you can run reports exactly when you need them—and as often as you want.


Site Management Reports include:

  • History of changes made throughout a site, particular area, or page
  • Content “Freshness” (soon-to-expire content, recently updates, newly added information, etc.)
  • List of system users or specific individuals, including access permissions, roles, activity, etc.
  • Status of Web projects, including the duration of work, tasks that are “stuck,” which user is currently working on a project, etc.
  • And more . . .

Don’t see the reports that you want? Inquire about our Custom Development Services.


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