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Why use Estrada?

Because content is separate from design, authors and other stakeholders in your web site don’t have to rely on designers or HTML coders to lay out every single page before a site can be published. Instead, Estrada’s efficient web development paradigm eliminates production bottlenecks—allowing for faster deployment and updates.

Lower Development and Maintenance Costs
Estrada saves you money by not having to add new information technology staff to your payroll and by helping to keep your Web sites up to date. Anyone who can use a word processor can use Estrada, allowing your existing staff to create and update Web content with minimum training.

Centralized Control; Distributed Authorship.
Estrada’s database core makes it easy to avoid the logistical nightmare of trying to maintain and coordinate information on many web sites. Through hierarchical access privileges, an unlimited number of authors can contribute to all or designated areas within your overall web site.

Completely Scalable
Designed specifically to manage large Web sites, Estrada is an ideal technology for handling government agency Web sites. Estrada has been deployed on sites totaling over 40,000 pages with over 700 authors.

Extensible Functionality
More than just an application, Estrada is also a development platform. Whatever your needs, new functionalities can be added—created either by Estrada developers or by your own programming staff.

Take Control of Your Sites' Graphic Identity
Graphic templates provide an easy and painless way to maintain a centrally controlled graphic identity and navigation for your sites. Furthermore, the same content can be displayed in various graphic templates, depending on the context of the site.

Reuse Information
Authors have direct access to all existing information in the database, eliminating the need to re-type pages of redundant data. They can easily reuse content by embedding it into their pages, and Estrada makes sure that the reused content is kept in sync with the original.

Sophisticated Content Management System
Estrada is an object-based Internet content development and management system with cross-platform accessibility and high manageability. It is designed to work with large amounts of data, providing absolute control yet great flexibility in managing web content.

Completely Server-based
All you need is a web browser and internet access to get to your Estrada editing site. Whether you use a PC, Mac, palm device, or a TV web browser, you have an automatic web authoring and editing station. No installation or setup is needed to start working on your web site.

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