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Chatham College Chooses Estrada Web Technology

August 29, 2002

Estrada® Web Technology announced today that Chatham College has chosen Estrada to redesign and manage its Internet site. Estrada is a complete Web content management environment and development environment that is fast becoming the technology of choice for corporate, government and higher education Web sites around the country.

Estrada will empower Chatham’s technical and non-technical staff to collaborate and contribute to designated areas of its Web site.  By separating design, content, functionality, Estrada allows clients to work more productively and efficiently, significantly speeding up Return on Investment and reducing costs.

Estrada also helps clients maintain consistent design, branding, navigation and informational standards, using templates and tools for assigning, tracking and reviewing all changes and additions to the Web site before they are published.

“We want a more professional Web site in which users can build their own pages within the college’s standards, and Estrada provides that,” said Chatham’s Manager of Web Development Jason Larimore. “Estrada is simple for average users to learn and will help us to improve the functionality of our site.”

Non-technical users can begin authoring Estrada Web pages after a short two-hour training session. Advanced training and software development kits are also readily available.

Additionally, Estrada organizes all aspects of Web projects using highly productive site management tools, Workflows ands Site Management Reporting. Workflow boosts productivity by managing Web production tasks and customizing Web production to integrate seamlessly with clients’ existing business processes. Site Management Reporting provides data-rich standard and customizable reports about all aspects of development, content and management activity on a site.

Estrada provides the stringent security and central control required to handle a large enterprise Web site. As a fully scaleable technology, there is no limit to the number of users or Web sites that Chatham can create and manage.

As a cross-platform and server-based technology, Estrada allows user access from Windows, Apple or Linux operating systems and handheld computing devices—anywhere with an Internet connection. While Estrada is ready to use “out of the box,” this total Internet solution also makes it easy for clients to create custom functionalities and integrate existing computing systems using Estrada’s flexible development platform.

Estrada Professional Services also offers complete Web design, content, technical, marketing and site management services. The Estrada team has won numerous national and state awards for its innovative and effective Web sites.

About Chatham College

Chatham has been preparing World Ready WomenSM since 1869, and is one of the nation’s oldest colleges still awarding undergraduate degrees solely to women. Today Chatham College provides its more than 1,100 students with a liberal arts education and pre-professional programs and offers graduate studies, continuing education and certification programs for women and men. The 32-acre arboretum campus is located in Pittsburgh, Pa.

About Estrada Web Technology

Estrada Web Technology, a division of Gandalf Development, Inc., is a technology firm with expertise in Internet development, enterprise management consulting and contract services. The firm’s large national client base includes Fortune 500 corporations, federal and state government and other leading companies and non-profit organizations. Company and product information is available on the Web at estrada-onstage.com, by calling 205.824.0056 ext. 226, or emailing .


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