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TU-101: Intro to Taxonomy

TU-201: Taxonomy in Higher Ed

When prospective students visit the TU Web site, a lot of them are looking for the same thing - academic information. ("Availability of program/major" was the top college choice characteristic for the 1,400+ high school students surveyed in.the 2001 Stamats TeensTalk survey.)

Academics is also the most important part of the site for students and faculty, whether they're choosing a major, trying to contact a professor, or exploring classes for the next semester. If academics is so important, why is the academics section on most .edu sites so bad?

That depends - do you have Web staff responsible for academic content, or have you tried to turn your academics into Web staff? Either way, it's probably not working that well. That's where taxonomy comes in - since the design and architecture are taken care of automatically, the faculty are free to concentrate on what they're good at - writing content and teaching students, not building Web sites by hand.

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