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TU-101: Intro to Taxonomy

TU-201: Taxonomy in Higher Ed

TU-201: Taxonomy in Higher Ed

At Taxonomy University, we're developing a taxonomy for higher education. You see, we're a lot like other schools - we've got professors who belong to particular departments, and they teach classes for our different majors. No matter where this content resides on the site - or even on our backend course information system - information should be connected into a seamless, flowing user experience.

Unfortunately, our old site just didn't get it. It had turned into a big mess - different styles, broken links, and pages that hadn't been updated for years. We were also confusing our visitors - we just assumed they'd know that French was in the Modern Language department while French Literature is a Humanities major. Turns out we were wrong - most of our prospective students didn't even really understand what humanities means!

Our taxonomy solved these problems. There are lots of different paths to information, and visitors can choose the way that they understand, whether they're an Anthropology professor (that's the Dept. of Social Sciences, by the way) or a 17-year-old from Poughkeepsie.

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