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Estrada is an exciting new software program that enables both novice and advanced computer users to build Web sites that are easy to maintain and organize and require minimal server space. For the person who is not comfortable with complex computer systems and HTML coding, Estrada takes on all the work, leaving you with a simple type-and-click interface format for creating and maintaining Web sites that get noticed. More proficient Web authors will appreciate the powerful capabilities of Estrada, and the flexibility it provides. Basically, Estrada is the ultimate Web content management solution.

Click on the "Estrada is Here!" link at the left to see the new Estrada home page. Take time to browse this site to see the latest news regarding the exciting new system that provides a scalable solution for large web sites.

Diplomat jrN Protocol Converter!

Gandalf Development is pleased to announce that we have become the exclusive U.S. distributors of the Diplomat jrN protocol converter. The highly successful Diplomat jrN protocol converter is the economical solution for a multitude of connectivity problems. It provides connectivity between Ethernet LANs and simple devices such as printers, terminals, PCs, modems etc. The user, via simple menus, can configure it to act as a Client or Server device or to behave as a remote Network Probe or Network Monitor. It comes supplied with its own power adapter and user guide.

Tivoli Tivoli Authorized Service Providers

Gandalf Development is a Tivoli Busness Partner/Authorized Service Provider. We have been performing Tivoli professional services since July 1995. All of our consultants are Tivoli certified, with most having achieved the highest level possible, Enterprise Certification.

We will travel nationally and internationally to help make your Tivoli implementation sucessful. Phone Ken Wallace at 205-824-0056 ext. 22 or contact via email at for more information.


We are extending our consulting expertise to international clients. We have consultants in Latin America and Finland. Our direction is to continue to develop our international clientele. If you have need of enterprise management consulting experience, contact us for more information.


If you have are interested in pursuing a career with Gandalf Development, Inc., whether it would be for international work or work in the U.S, we would love to hear from you. Travel is required, but we take care of our road warriors. Check us out...